LIBRA is an SME aiming to bring machine learning (ML) innovation into real-life applications. In this direction, intensive work has been done, leading to a comprehensive toolbox of efficient algorithmic implementations of key ML techniques, emphasizing on its robust operation in realistic conditions.

LIBRA is pioneering by using several cutting-edge ML technologies. In several Horizon 2020 projects, we focused on applications such as face recognition, audiovisual data classification, image segmentation and restoration, and business analytics. Recently, LIBRA participates in the research and innovation project Dig_IT, ID 869529. We develop a Business Intelligence system for the mining industry using an AI-enabled, highly customizable, and interactive dashboard suite.

LIBRA personnel is highly experienced in ML state-of-the-art research for several years. Our team has in its portfolio a long track record in top scientific journals and magazines of the signal processing domain, continuous presence in the most high-profile community’s conferences and workshops, co-authorship in a series of book chapters on pattern recognition and ML. LIBRA is also benefitted from an academic consultants’ network, highly experienced and acknowledged among widespread ML and signal processing communities.

Our company has recently been approved as an Official Member of National Startup Registry.