The overall ambition of PRELUDE can be expressed in three levels:

  • For the European citizen, PRELUDE will be poised to deliver quality of life, wellbeing, comfort, cost-savings or even revenue, education and sustainability regardless of their financial means.

  • For building owners, managers, utility and other building or energy related service providers, PRELUDE will solve issues and address challenges inhibiting investment in RES (Renewable Energy Sources) and VREs (Variable Renewable Energy), increasing the value of their properties and creating new ways to build rapport with their customers.

  • For regional organizations, municipalities, associations and the European society as a whole, PRELUDE will contribute to improving the prosperity, achieving energy security and the realisation of climate and energy goals.


  • Maintenance cost reductions of at least 20%: equipment is maintained at a continuously high level of performance rather than waiting for something to fail

  • Significant decrease of energy use in buildings through application of technologies such as dynamic models, big data analytics, predictive analytics and ultimately artificial intelligence

  • Improved indoor environment quality and user satisfaction

  • High replication potential: By 2027, approximately 5.5 million m2 of residential heated area will be optimized

  • Optimise the use of renewable energy resources used in buildings. PRELUDE is designed to increase the value of installed RES (Renewable Energy Sources), but also to motivate end users to invest in them

  • Contribution to standards, namely the establishment of a Smart Readiness Indicator