CPEG Geneva Pension Fund

CPEG is a public pension fund that manages a real estate portfolio, the largest in the Canton (State) of Geneva, which has about 10,000 housing units and several hundreds of buildings, including residential and administrative buildings.

We are a public law company, with an ethic focused on the use of renewable sources, respect for the environment and experimentation with solutions in an economically sustainable manner.

Within our main objectives and activities we mostly have to:

  • Manage our real estate portfolio by ensuring a financial level of performance of approx. 4% par year.
  • Reduce consumption and increasing the renewable share of energy sources for heat production in the building stock.
  • Invest in pilot projects for the implementation of innovative energy efficiency solutions to replace fossil fuels.

We are participating in the PRELUDE project by making a sample of our buildings available as a testing ground so that with our partner ESTIA, we can try innovative solutions, carry out pilot projects with the ultimate purpose of being able to apply a useful methodology to the management of our real estate portfolio.

Within the framework of the PRELUDE project, we will start with a building (rue Wendt 35, Geneva) whose refurbishment is currently underway.