Forschung Burgenland GmbH

“We do research to solve problems and improve people’s lives.”
We are the team of the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland and Forschung Burgenland, the university’s research subsidiary. Our research projects develop along the requirements that arise in our teaching environment. The 100%-subsidiary, Forschung Burgenland is solely dedicated to R&D-projects. Within the framework of research centers, research emphasizes on topics that come from teaching or go into teaching at our institution.
The Center for Building Technology and the Center for Health and Work Research are our first core research centers. In addition to that we work on heat pump research, smart city developments, social work topics, social science methodology competence, intercultural management, communications, health care management, cloud and cyberphysical security and consumer insights.
Our R&D-activities take place in our facilities in Pinkafeld and Eisenstadt. At the moment we work on more than 100 research projects. The type of research ranges from large international projects to pin-pointed research by appointment of order clients.