DAEM SA is the IT company of the City of Athens, the oldest and most significant Local Government IT Company operating since 1983. Its aim is to develop and promote innovative services for the Smart and Sustainable City idea that is as well a strategic objective at the city level. DAEM’s main business field is the development of e-Governance systems and services supporting local government organizations, public administration and other authorities.

The Co-funded and EU Projects Sector of DAEM has an excellent experience in participating and managing EU Projects of more than 10 years. Indicative fields of interest include:

  • eGovernance, support of public administration and decision making, Smart Cities, Lighthouse Cities projects
  • cyber-security, personal data
  • innovative solutions tackling social challenges, social inclusion of citizens and vulnerable population e.g. migrants, refugees etc.
  • Adaptation/mitigation of climate change, energy efficiency
  • healthy ageing and well-being for elderly citizens
  • innovative city services for citizens including disruptive technologies (IoT, blockchain, AI, AR/VR)

DAEM exploits in the EU Projects the strong network of municipal agencies, decision-makers, local government organizations and businesses. In parallel, the key-factor is that DAEM constitutes one of the most solid links among public administration and citizens, residents and visitors of the city.