BLOK Architekci

Polish architectural studio focused on sustainability in architecture & building sector via BIM & LBC.

Designs an affordable and modern architecture, inspired by Scandinavian style characterized by simplicity, functionality, and care for the natural environment and human well-being.

Designs in BIM, mainly multifamily and residential buildings, as well as hotels, public buildings and postcovid offices & their interiors.

One of the first in Poland designing in BIM & raising awareness among the developers about the BIM technology for design and built: BIM technology helps in the planning, visualising and managing of buildings and due to that they are more energy efficient, useless water and provide better air quality. Thanks to this, architects and constructors are able to more precisely design not only architecture, construction and interior layout, but also the behaviour of the building in the future. BIM is also used in the retrofitting of existing buildings–by creating a BIM based Digital Twin of an existing building we can improve the data collection and handover, facility management of the building, its operation and maintenance.

Introducing the Living Building Challenge standard in to the Polish market as the first partner of the International LivingBuilding Challenge Institute: