1A Ingenieros S.L.P

1A Ingenieros, a leading company in the construction engineering sector in Castilla y León, started life in 1997.

Since then, it has grown steadily as a business, expanding its operational capacity into numerous engineering fields to achieve its current position as one of the most prestigious engineering firms nationwide.

Our key has always been to bet on human capital as the backbone of the organization. Thanks to this and the experience of the entire team, we have been able to generate a culture of anticipation and adaptation to change, oriented to the market. A culture focused on innovation and excellence, on the constant search for opportunities and on the creation and implementation of new innovative and creative solutions that facilitate sustainable development.

We conceive projects according to their entire life cycle. We take care of the entire cycle with turnkey services or in those specific phases that the client requires.

The 1A team is composed of more than one hundred qualified experts committed to creating sustainable value and fostering continuous improvement in each project we undertake and in the society as a whole, with the overriding goal of meeting the customer’s need.