Demo Site information:

Partners: DAEM

Location of the site: 221 str., Patission, Athens

Function of the building: The building is called “Estia of Athens”, a short-term hostel venue for housing mainly homeless senior citizens and other groups of vulnerable population

Implementations: The Athens scenario will be implemented in 3 apartments of the building selected for indoor environment sensors.  Central monitoring and actuation will be installed. Low-cost sensors and monitoring for the collection of real time data will be used.

Reasons for the intervention: The building is a short-term hostel for vulnerable groups, children and elderly, that are in need of healthy and comfortable indoor conditions. The challenge to be tackled is a possible limited user engagement due to short term housing of individuals.

Expected results:

  • Decrease of energy consumption
  • Behavioral change on energy consumption issues
  • Improvement of citizens’ quality of life

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