INCOTEC is an independent initiative with more than 20 years’ experience in business innovation. Since the set-up of the company in 2000, with the automotive sector as the main target, INCOTEC’s activity has expanded to other areas making it one of the leading Spanish consultancy firms in the, Construction, Agri-Food, Chemical, Ceramic, Automotive and Health sectors, among others. INCOTEC counts with near 100 employees, most of them with a technical background (e.g industrial, electronical, civil and agricultural engineers, chemists, pharmacists, etc).

INCOTEC supports companies to structure their innovation in order to improve their competitiveness and market positioning. We work to make innovation the driver of new businesses for our clients, obtain the necessary financing and design personalised strategies to achieve it. Moreover, INCOTEC also offers technology transfer services to support Start-ups, SMEs, research centres and EU consortiums, working on the development of innovative solutions and disruptive technologies and in the identification of industrial partners potentially interested in investing or adopting this technologies. On this regard, we work together with the financial consultancy firm, SD Partners, specialized in attracting private capital for business initiatives with a technological base.