EUROCORE Consulting, having its headquarters in Belgium, is a young but fast-growing company providing technical support and consultancy to organizations of both private and public sector, across all areas of its expertise, with focus on the fields of occupational health & safety and environment.

It is member of a Group of Companies, under GEP S.A., which is the largest consultancy company in Greece providing health and safety services. Thus, EUROCORE shares the core capacity of the mother company, making OHS a primary area of its competence.

Taking advantage of a pool of more than 300 highly skilled engineers, who are associates of the group, EUROCORE expertise extends to other areas of science and engineering, providing specialized support, as required. These other areas comprise Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources, Environmental Impact and Protection, Sustainable Management of Resources, coupled with the relevant investing, business-doing and development consulting aspects. In this range of subjects, the company provides analysis, planning and technical support, surveys and investigations, studies and reports, as well as assistance in implementation and application, trainings and professional development courses.